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New Shape Mega - The e-Worker

With an entirely new design and available exclusively in the electric version, the latest MEGA model is a clever addition to the existing range.

The e-Worker is an electrically propelled model, with a very tight lock (3 or 4 metres, depending on wheelbase) and really compact external dimensions, so that it can squeeze in almost anywhere.

With its robust construction, its loading capacity, its ability to tow and its dynamic performance, the MEGA e-Worker is a real multi-tasker which meets the needs of demanding users, whatever sort of business they may be in.

Its panoramic cab and its full window doors constitute an original design but above all they provide optimum visibility for increased safety. Its large internal volume, its spaciousness, especially its flat floor, and a driving position which is completely natural - everything has been designed to make the e-Worker an efficient compact utility vehicle.

Like all MEGA utilities, the e-Worker is available in several versions and with a large and varied range of equipment. Two types of homologation are available, two wheelbase lengths and it can also be supplied with a choice of three battery packs.
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The three battery packs consist of 36 open lead elements of 2v in series for powers of 8.6 kWh, 11.5 kWH and 17.3 kWh.



Clean - Green - Safe - Quiet - Economic�/span>

It’s Clean Electric engine means no green house emissions.

It's Green The whole vehicle has been designed and built to be recyclable. 95% of the components can be re-used on other vehicles or for other applications, making the MEGA city one of the most recyclable vehicles on the road

It's Safe The vehicles are safety tested to the same level as all similar small cars and provide the driver and passengers with comfort and security through its inherent safe design.

It's Quiet The electric engine is far quieter than any petrol or diesel equivalent. It has no noisy exhaust.

It's Economic Low running costs 1.5p road tax exempt London's Congestion zone its exempt from congestion charging  in certain parts of the city you can gain access to free parking allocated to green vehicles.

Its the Mega Utility Vehicle A contemporary and attractive design. It is lightweight and easy to handle to suit all works, traders, businesses and communities, for provision of all types of services. It is compact, practical and economical - making it a mini-logistics specialist.


Electric Vehicle of the Year
2006 Winner Aixam Mega
This years�winner produces a low environmental-impact utility vehicle designed for short-haul urban and estate transport.


The City Mega van conversion from AJC more..................





 Mega van as seen on The Apprentice 2007.... more here

Manchester Football Club United Goes Electric

You may not think of Manchester United as an environmental leader, but quietly, behind the scenes, the club is moving forward with a range of green initiatives.

Vehicles are one of the items on their eco to-do list, and they’ve bought a Mega Utility Vehicle electric van �in Manchester United red, obviously.

The vehicle is used almost exclusively on Man Utd’s site, for moving stores around. Despite its diminutive size, the Mega can carry a pallet on its load area.

The club is very enthusiastic about the vehicle; “As well as being zero-emission and quiet, it’s extremely cost effective to run�says the club’s Purchasing Manager, John Conroy. “It’s been 100% reliable and it recharges overnight - you just plug it in like a kettle!�/font>



Your area could be next !

Fight back - beat the congestion charge






Need parts for your mega ?



Funky - Zippy - Fun
Mega's electric motor is a revolution in the art of urban travel. Perfectly suited to city life, the environmentally friendly vehicle will sail through the congestion zone without paying a penny, thanks to the unrestricted passage of pollutant-free motors. Life with the Mega promises to be as hassle free and economic as it can be in the city

The new Mega utility vehicle is fun, funky and zippy on the roads. It can nip in and out of the city traffic with ease ensuring your route is not restricted.

Lightweight and easy to handle, your new friend will get you out of any tight spots. Whether you are looking to carry loads around town with the minimum of access and parking difficulties, or need reliable transport to get you out and about, Mega is there to help and won't let you down.

Available in five versions: van, chassis cab, dropside, pick up and tipper. Mega is compact, robust, practical and economical.

It comes in a range of colours with electric and diesel engine (petrol in development). In fact, once you realise the breadth of its capabilities, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it

GreenFleet - Promoting a Cleaner Environment


Green Fleet Awards
"European LCV Manufacturer of the Year 2008"
"Electric Vehicle Of The Year - 2006".

Green Fleet Awards recognise best practice and innovation in environmental fleet management...........



Niche vehicle manufacturer Aixam Mega has beaten off competition from Mercedes-Benz and PSA Peugeot-Citroen to win a major European environmental award for its electric and diesel powered ultra-light commercial vehicles................


Mega ecologic
MEGA is helping to care for the environment 77,9g /km of Co2 par Km, An absolute record by MEGA.
In fact, MEGA has now broken all records and confirmed its leadership with 37% less CO2 than the average target of 125 g set by the european Parliament for 2015.


Electric vehicle's will be represented in your electric utility usage.

mega van award


Manchester United Football Club

Receiving their new electric dropside finished in Man U Red.

Setting the right example with the emission free vehicle!

Watch out for the Man U Mega on the pitch at games.



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